Welcome to the internet parent education workshop.Positive parenting is not a easy feat.we can say that parent child relationship is a two-way street, in other words, it is actually a partnership between a parent and their child.A parenting style is the overall emotional climate in the home.
There is a give-and-take atmosphere involved in parent-child communication and both control and support are balanced. Research shows that this style is more beneficial than the too-hard authoritarian style or the too-soft permissive style. A place to build parenting skills that help parents to discipline kids from toddlers to teens as well as to encourage children and adolescents to feel positive about themselves and to become the winners they were meant to be.Parents around the world want what they believe is best for their children. However, parents in different cultures have different ideas of what is best. Lots of practical solutions for parents as well as tips for improving communication,building positive relationships and other useful parenting skills. The goal of parenting is to teach kids to develop self-discipline. Many parents feel spanking is necessary for effective discipline.
But When parents learn and apply the effective parenting techniques then, they will find that yelling, screaming and spanking disappear and a positive relationship is established between them. Be consistent, that is, reward or punish the same behavior in the same manner as much as possible.Parenting is hard work! No matter what your profession is, being a parent is your most important & rewarding job. These fact-filled expert articles offer parenting tips, life-changing insight and easy ways to become a better parent. No matter the age of your child, there is no better time than now to learn about the most effective parenting styles and apply them to your own life. Being a parent isn’t easy, but with helpful hints and practical advice from parenting experts and child psychologists you can become a more confident parent and raise children who are happy, healthy and independent.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

How to tackle stubborn kids?

Stubborn children might be difficult to handle.Dealing with stubborn children is a daunting task for parents as getting them to do even basic chores

tips for parent child relationship

Relationships are all about communication on every level - through words, body language,thoughts and feelings.we should spend quality time with our kids to build a strong relationship and effective parenting rather than tell them what not to do, teach and show them what they should do.When parents develop effective parenting skills, they are able to take the initiative in filling the generation gap.